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The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.

The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.

Food for the brain.

Food for the brain

I hope you have all been practising your mindfulness after last Fridays three pillars! 
Staying on the topic of brain health, we are going to briefly cover 'Food for the brain'. I say briefly because I ended up gathering SO much information I had to cut down my favourite four!

Your brain is the control centre for your entire body so keeping it healthy plays an enormous part in living longer, happier and healthier. When it comes to performance (work, sport or life) having a healthy brain is what will set you apart from the rest, a good mindset and a strong mind will ultimately result in success.  Heres how you can help your brain, and ultimately your body perform at its best...

(Salmons, sardines, maceral)
-Fatty fish is the BEST source of omega-3 you can find! Omega-3 literally leads to a bigger brain, yes, a BIGGER brain. Our brain is made up of 60% fat (omega-3), so just like having protein for building muscle, Omega-3 helps in building a healthy brain. 
-Fatty fish in the diet has also shown to reduce depression and the chances of developing Alzheimer's. While improving memory, reaction time, cognitive function, decision making, and emotional control. 

Fish oil supplements
Ingesting fish oil tablets will not give you the same benefit as having fatty fish in your diet.
A study done in November 2018 by the 'New England Journal of Medicine' found that Omega-3 fatty acid supplements showed no real impact on improving health. 
The average Omega-3 fatty acid intake for Males is 1.6g daily, and Females 1.1g daily, meaning for you to even begin to receive the claimed health benefits of fish oil supplements you should be taking 8-10 tablets a day! If you are willing to do that, maybe also consider what other chemicals are used in that perfectly shaped squishy tablet? 
Fresh is always best!

The queen of antioxidants in the world of fruit and veg!
(Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage your cells and contribute to ageing and diseases)
Blueberries are best at fighting stress-induced damage on your brain and body and also help to improve communication between cells and memory capacity.  
They are low in calories but high in fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K. Making them the perfect fruit to throw in your smoothie, oats or have as a snack.
(They can get quite pricy, so why not buy them frozen. As long as the only ingredient listed is blueberries!)

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine! We all love the stuff, but do we know why?
Caffeine stimulates the brain and the nervous system improving our reaction time, memory, alertness, mood, and brain function. Preparing you for anything!
Another benefit to green tea other than caffeine is that it contains the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine allows for you to be more focused and relaxed and won't give you the jitters as some people experience with coffee. 

Our bodies actually MAKE creatine! 1g every 24 hours.
So many speculations have been thrown around in the past against using creatine as a supplement, which is crazy considering it naturally helps us create energy using muscle cells. 
-3-5g per day is recommended to see the benefits of improved muscle gain, power gain, high-intensity stamina, brain function, and resistance to fatigue. 
-While also reducing the chances of depression, cognitive decline and Alzheimer's. 

If you feed your body crappy food you are going to feel crappy!