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The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.

The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.


When you hear the word recovery, what do you think of? 
Foam rolling
Rolling around on a painful massage ball
Float tank
Stretching or yoga

All of these are great ways for you to recover. 
The question is how much recovery should you be doing? 

Answer; As much as you can!

How much time do you spend sitting in one spot? Do you sit at a desk for most of your day, then go home and sit in front of the TV? This might not be an issue until you go to move, your body gets so used to being stationary when you go to move it breaks. Well maybe it's not that extreme but you are at a higher risk of injuring yourself. 

What this means; move as often as possible. 

Try this; 
- If you sit at a desk set a timer to go off every 15-20mins. Move for 30 seconds and sit back down. You don't have to do much, a few squats, arm circles, leg swings or stand against a wall trying to get your bum, back and shoulders all on the wall at the same time. 
Not only will this keep you active and help prevent injuries, but this will also help to keep your metabolism working better throughout the day. 

- Keep a massage ball and foam roller next to the TV. When you are watching tv in the evening get in the habit of rolling around on that ball and foam roller while you watch tv or talk to your loved ones. 

- Move before you workout! Moving before your workout will not only prep your body and prevent injuries, you will get more out of your workout. So yes! Warm up before the warm up. This might be as simple as going for a walk, yoga pose or using the massage ball/foam roller. I personally see better results from the people that do this before a workout.