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The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.

The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.


- Dr Kelly Starrett

If you have ever come to one of Primals recovery session, you have experienced some of Dr Kelly Starrett's work. I have done Kelly's online MWOD to get the mobility I needed to perform movements like overhead squats and the kipping swing.

But this one is for all of you that are desk-bound.

The next part is from the book "Deskbound" by Dr. Kelly Starrett
with Juliet Starrett and Glen Cordoza

Standing at work is a far better option than sitting, standing is a gateway to movement. But transitioning to a standing desk is a more of a complex process than just trading one piece of furniture for another. A successful standing workstation must be set up correctly, it must create opportunities for movement, and you must make the switch gradually to give your body time to adapt.

We have broken this section into three chapters to help you make the transition a successful and lasting one.
First, we discuss the ergonomics of your standing workstation, from the proper height for your monitor and keyboard all the way down to the best type of shoes to wear. This advice is intended to create an environment that makes it easy for you to maintain solid body mechanics throughout your workday.
Second, because standing still like a statue all day is not the goal, we offer several standing positions that you can cycle through. Routinely changing your position keeps your muscles engaged, keeps blood flowing throughout your body, and makes standing more manageable throughout the day. Next, we cover a host of actual movements that you can perform to prevent some of the harmful side effects of inactivity, which is the true benefit of transitioning to a standing desk.
Finally, we provide a simple blueprint for safely and effectively transitioning from a sitting workstation to a standing one. This last chapter addresses the concerns that go along with making the seemingly dramatic switch to a standing desk.

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