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The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.

The Primal PFC methods three pillar Friday.

What is the worlds fittest book?

This week I want to start with the name "Ross Edgley".
I first came across Ross in a Mind Muscle Project podcast. Since then, I have followed everything he has done. 
Ross has a different view on how to live life, and he is also a weapon when it comes to health and fitness!
Ross has completed a full triathlon, with a tree in tow... Yes, a tree! Swum around great Britten, ran a marathon towing a tree and so many more amazing things. His view on pushing your physical and mental abilities alines with what I like to include in my programming and the way I teach others to live healthy lives. 
Ross's book is a no-take BS on the health and fitness industry, and he gives you everything thing from workouts, food, recovery and some awesome stories to prove his theories. 

You can learn a lot from someone like Ross, I sure have and I hope you do as well. 

I am not a big reader, I much prefer audiobooks, but this has been one of the best reads/resources I have come across. 

I suggest starting with one of the Podcasts below. If you are interested in any of the topics Ross is talking about, you will love his book. 

The World's Fittest Book: The Sunday Times Bestseller from the Strongman Swimmer. (affiliated link)

Don't like books? Have a listen to these podcasts. These are available on any podcast platform as well as YouTube. 

- The mind muscle project - Ep 191 Mental techniques to overcome pain, fear and exhaustion with Ross Edgley
- The Joe Rogan Experience podcast - Ep #1200  Ross Edgley is a former professional British water polo player who currently works as a model and personal trainer. In November 2018, he became the first person to swim around Great Britain.